Born in Quebec, Canada, Viviana’s parents emigrated from Italy in 1956… Primarily a self-educated artist, Viviana start to peint in 1985, she has studied with senior artists. In 2000 Viviana had the ” Big Révelation” in Paris,  the Louvre, Museo Orsay, Le Orange, etc, … She know she had to peint  for alwalys… and she defined her current direction as exhibited in this website portfolio. Fascinated by tantrism, by love, as both a visual and narrative theme, her images are centered on “the lovers”. She wish to illustrate  the Tantrism of the Buddhist doctrine:  this art of ecstasy in love where soul, spirit and body are committed.

Drawing upon the figure in both academic and abstract traditions, she often works in fantasy to symbolize an esthetic centered on passion, and the complex personal emotions which envelop the subject as “archetype”. Lengthy sojourns to study in Florence, Italy at the Accademia di Firenze, and AD’A academia of Arte, have fueled her propensity toward Italian style and art history.

Countless trips to Manhattan have not only been good for her study but she has recently found galleries interested in her various series on the tantric couple. More to come Viviana has been exploring pencil, acrylic resin and oil, in pursuit of a unique visual code that embraces a philosophy inspired by synchronicity. Her interests in nature are inspired by lunar radiance, and cycles as a metaphor for the power of sensuality and sexuality.

Destiny acts as syntax for this gravity between people and their nature as psychophysical beings, emblematic in her art. This interconnection is played through her narratives which illustrate how relationships form wings around dreams, and their psychic power for self fulfillment.